Carpet Cleaning


Whether you have coffee and soda stains, or your carpet is in need of a cleaning maintenance program, KB can provide carpet cleaning services to your facility.

Full Carpet Cleaning

Full carpet cleaning consists of edge to edge carpet cleaning, including high traffic, individual offices, cubicle areas, etc.. Full carpet cleaning should be completed on an annual to bi-annual basis, depending on the usage of the space.

Spot Carpet Cleaning

Spot carpet cleaning consists of treating and extracting carpet stains from various spills and usage. Spot carpet cleaning should be completed as maintenance between your scheduled full carpet cleanings, or on an as-needed basis in regards to stains.

Types of Equipment:

Truck-Mount Truck Mount

KB offers truck mount carpet cleaning. The vacuum blower lifts the dirty water from the carpet. The high pressure water pump pumps heated water and chemical onto the carpet which is then extracted. Truck mount carpet cleaning is popular because of the power and flexibility it offers.

Portable Portable Extraction Machines

KB offers portable carpet cleaning. Portable machines provide carpet cleaning through heated water extraction. Portable carpet cleaning machines provide ease of use (no large amounts of hose running through a building or doors needing to be propped open) and offer maneuverability in order to access higher floors.