KB Academy (KBA)

The KB Academy is our initial training program that all team members, including the office team, must complete. Through extensive curriculum, onboarding team members learn everything needed to know about KB’s services, products, policies and procedures and culture. Below are some important pieces of KBA.


As a core value driven company, it is important that our entire team aligns with our mission, vision and values (MVV). During KBA, team members are taught about each piece of our MVV. It is imperative they understand how to align MVV with their daily work to ensure we provide our Partners with exceptional service.


Policies and Procedures

Even though our field team members do not have direct contact with our partners, it is important they understand our internal policies such as attendance, expectations, properly punching in and out and their role in their facility. We also make it a point to teach them how the business puzzle fits together and what happens when a piece is missing.



In our line of business there are many situations that arise that could result in an accident. It is our job as an office team to ensure our team members in the field are set up for success. One way we do this is by teaching them various safety precautions such as accident prevention, blood borne pathogens, and slips, trips and falls.



Depending upon customer expectations, our team members utilize various pieces of equipment. We teach them how to properly use, clean and maintain all equipment they will regularly use in their facility.



Chemicals are necessary in order to properly clean and maintain a building. Chemicals can range from environmentally friendly to hazardous. We train our team members how to properly dilute chemicals, acceptable uses for each chemical, the potential dangers associated with each chemical and how to handle an emergency situation involving chemicals.


Cleaning Process

KB follows Diversey’s healthy high performance cleaning (HHPC) process. This process is standardized throughout our entire company, which ensures all of our team members have streamlined expectations no matter which facility they are working in. We also keep information on facility-specific items that are taught to each individual crew.


Final Evaluation

In order to graduate from New Hire KBA, each employee is required to successfully complete a written exam and hands-on testing. This ensures they understand expectations and are prepared to complete all cleaning duties up to KB standards.


Additional Requirements

KB also has a few requirements that potential employees must meet/adhere to in order to be a part of the KB team. If working during the day, the employee is required to speak English fluently because they interact with our partner’s. KB also E-Verify’s every employee, so each employee must pass E-Verify in order to be employed by KB Building Services. E-Verifying employees is uncommon in the janitorial industry, but KB views this as a necessary process. We must trust our employees to be in buildings, sometimes alone, and trust begins with ensuring you are who you say you are.