To Serve Others Exceptionally Well



To Create Peace of Mind in Our Partner’s Lives



KB Building Services strives to live by core values because we know how each one affects your life.


icon-video Consistent: You spend approximately 2,080 hours a year in your office. You work on a schedule; you need consistency to maintain a balanced work and home life.
icon-video Dependable: You have a job to do. You rely on us to do the cleaning and to do it right. You should not have to worry about anything going wrong in your facility. It is not always our fault, but it is our problem.
icon-video Proactive Communication: You cannot plan for an unexpected situation. The best line of defense is being proactive in stopping a bad situation from getting worse. You are not always there to witness the potential disaster, but our team knows the easiest and most important thing we can do is report any situation before it becomes a disaster.
icon-video Do What You Say: At the end of the day, the one thing you want is a partner that does what they say they will do. Nothing is more frustrating than being over-promised and under-delivered.