Blogging. Blooooging….blog—ing. AOK…I have doodled waayyy to long here. No one is coming to my rescue…

I don’t know what to type. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to do it. Can’t someone just write my blog for me? I can take them out to lunch. They can record all my words. They can…They can…Ummm well they can’t. Not if I want to write about being a leader.

Starting my blog has been hard. Hard to find a topic, hard to find the time, hard to commit to doing it.

I started thinking about routines. When does a routine become a routine? Doing something daily? Weekly? Monthly? I once read that it takes 3 weeks of action to make something a habit. Is that 3 full weeks? Or 3 work weeks? Is it 3 full weeks daily? Or 3 work weeks weekly? Or is it……sheesh….stop. Or start… I mean just stop talking about it and start already.

Now I know why I haven’t started my blog yet, way too many questions and not enough time for any of those answers….and so many different opinions.

I think that is it. Routine happens after you commit. You finally stop talking and start doing. Take action, provide solutions is our battle cry at KB. What are you doing about it? There are only two solutions to most anything….change what you say or change what you do. That’s it. Just 2. Either go to the gym or stop saying you will. Either work harder or smarter so you can go on that vacation. Either find the time or stop talking about excuses of why your blog isn’t done. Humbling.

Since committing is a choice and so is excellence, we might as well choose to be excellent on the way.

Check back for 3 consecutive weeks. Let’s see if I committed to making a blog part of my routine. Do what you say. It is what leaders do.