Can we choose happiness? Or is it attained? Is it a state of mind? Or a destination? I think that my thoughts bounce all across the board on this one. Do I fake it until I make it? Or do I just get content with what I have? Is it wrong to want more? Can you be happy AND still want more? Oh wow. 7 questions in the first paragraph. I want to focus my attention on happiness over the next three months of blogging. I am curious to what people out there think about the pursuit of their own happiness. The question that was posed to me in high school was: Pick one—Health? Wealth? Or Happiness? I always chose happiness. For whatever reason, as an 18 year old healthy male I thought the other two were more in my control. I could choose those other ones, but happiness is granted to me……or is it? Am I in control of my own happiness? Is it a choice of mine? I will explore some areas that we worked on with our own children about this happiness thing. I am not sure that we know exactly what we have, but it seems like we are closer than when I started thinking about happiness. I look forward to connecting with some of you online, and maybe even off line to find out what makes us happy.

Happy summer! It’s almost back to school! And as a father of 5, I know that makes me happy.