Thirst for Learning

We have summer contracts for our children. They have worked on these each summer since they turned five years old. There are three categories for their “jobs”. The categories are “Grow your Passions, Contribute to Society, and Expand your Horizons”. My favorite example was when my son Anthony picked “paint a painting” under his Expand category. It is my favorite because the year after it was in his Expand category, he had painting in his Grow category. Isn’t that cool? He took something that he learned and found out that he not only had some passion about it, but also some talent. I think my favorite painting of his is his 6 year old rendering of the Miami Heat logo. I have been blessed to be around many passionate individuals in my life. I love learning about things from them. I have found that my thirst for learning has also been valuable in my business life. We have a saying at KB. In life we usually get about 30% of the information to start something. It is then on us to go and find out more so we can accomplish things. I love that saying because it really gives me an outlook that anything could be possible. And if anything is possible then it is up to me to find out what is possible. Finding out possibilities in my life have brought me more happiness. Pushing the envelope and asking what’s next, or what else, has been a source of happiness to me. I like to think that I have learned a lot, but that I am embarking on a lifetime of learning. If I ever think that I have learned it all……well just ask my toddler Vince. He usually gets me scratching my head and saying “I didn’t know that.” More learning for me is more happiness and I like that.