Building a Reputation for Excellence with BCBS

Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. That was the case with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBS). KB Building Services cleaned their properties for 20 years. When they built their new headquarters, they decided to try out a different, lower-priced cleaning provider. Within a year, KB received a call from BCBS asking for help fixing their new provider’s mistakes.

The new provider had destroyed a very expensive floor. Someone had stolen items from their cafeteria. They were finally ready to bring KB back. Within 24 hours of renewing our partnership, we had a plan in place to completely takeover cleaning duties within two days.

Four months later, a KB team member found a $1500 wedding ring and immediately turned it in. The turnaround was remarkable. BCBS had gone from paying handsomely for a cheaper provider in the form of damaged floors and stolen property to appreciating the value of a cleaning partner who kept the floors sparkling and the sparkling things safe.

The experience shows what sets KB team members apart. Before our team members ever set foot on your property, they have to complete a background check and eVerify, and graduate from the KB Academy – a rigorous training program designed to ensure our team members take pride in their work and truly share our mission of serving others exceptionally well.