Meet Saul

Meet Saul, our Lead Field Supervisor.

Meet Sara

Meet Sara, our Employee Concierge.

Meet Anahy

Meet Anahy, our Facilities Supervisor.

Meet Perry

Meet Perry, our Divisions Supervisor.

Meet Pete

Meet Pete, our Operations Manager.

Meet Ralph

Meet Ralph Cordy, our Logistics Technician.

Meet Gabriela

Meet Gabriela Rodriguez, our Administrative Assistant.

Meet Henrietta

Meet Henrietta Morse, our Finance Coordinator & one of the founders of KB Building Services.

Meet Autumn

Meet Autumn Aguilar, our Employee Experience Manager.

Meet Meghan

Meet Meghan Owens, our Customer Concierge.

Meet Randi

Meet Randi Wilson, our Customer Concierge.

Trust Us, It’s Clean.

While the KB team might not take themselves seriously, we take our business very seriously. That is why we strive to be the best janitorial service provider in the Omaha metro. Through our training program, KB Academy (KBA), we teach our crews how to do exceptional work so you know you can always expect the same quality service. We know both trust and security are one of the most important things we can provide, so we ensure all our employees are equipped with KB ID badges featuring their picture and name along with a uniform donning the KB logo. Beyond our janitorial services, KB provides carpet and hard floor maintenance programs. Our Diversy trained carpet and floor crews are experts in the field to ensure your carpets and floors are properly maintained. KB is recognized through many accolades and accreditations and is currently the only janitorial services provider in the Omaha metro area with the prestigious CIMS-GB with Honors certification. Through everything, KB is a transparent company with the resources and expertise to provide you with the exceptional services you need. Trust Us, It’s Clean.

The Food Bank Project

In hopes of getting the entire KB family of over 200 employees involved in the community, we decided to host a food drive for the Food Bank for the Heartland. The KB office team split up and each lead a group of field employees in a food collection competition. Not knowing what to expect, the original collection goal was 200 pounds. We were surprised to see how low that goal was once we weighed all our food and realized we collected over 6,000 pounds! After collecting all the food, the KB office team helped deliver the items to the food bank and volunteered in the sorting room for the afternoon. It was a great experience and KB hopes to make it a successful tradition in the years to come.

Do What You Say

Nothing is more frustrating than being over promised and under delivered. KB focuses on doing what you say as a core value. If you have KB on the job, you can relax knowing they are going to do what you asked them to do. And if something doesn’t get done, KB will do what is necessary to make it right. Trust Us, It’s Clean.

Proactive Communication

Sometimes life can be uncontrollable. Things happen that are out of our reach. The easiest thing to do is report a small problem before it becomes a huge issue. Proactive Communication is one of the core values at KB. Crews are trained to look for and report anything out of the ordinary so even when a seemingly small issue occurs, it can be taken care of before it develops into a big headache. Trust Us, It’s Clean.


Does your cleaning company work for you or with you? KB is dedicated to working with their partners to be able to provide peace of mind in their everyday lives. There is no telling what might happen, but you can rely on KB to be there to help clean things up. It is comforting to know KB is always on your team. Trust Us, It’s Clean.


What does consistency mean to you? At KB, it is one of our core values and something we constantly train on. KB strives to have consistent employees that show up on time and do a great job every day. Trust Us, It’s Clean.


There is no telling what a cleaning crew might find once everyone has gone home. Luckily, one of KB Building Service’s core values is dependable. You can count on KB to do what is right. Trust Us, It’s Clean.

The Magical Cleaning Fairy

Ever wonder how your office was cleaned last night? The mystery has been solved! There is no magical cleaning fairy, it is actually KB Building Services. KB crews are so good, you didn’t even know they were there! That is how KB can take you out of the cleaning business; you can worry about your work and leave the cleaning to us. Trust Us, It’s Clean.


At KB Building Services, it is our vision to create peace of mind in our partner’s lives. Day in and day out, we work hard on our business to provide our partner’s with that peace of mind. From the KB Office Team to the team members working in each facility, we do our best to take you out of the cleaning business. Trust Us, It’s Clean.