Why Choose KB?

Why Choose KB

KB Building Services (KB) provides commercial janitorial services to the Nebraska, Iowa & Missouri areas. Although we are part of the janitorial industry, KB is a world class customer service organization. This is due to our strong commitment to internal training and employee paths to leadership, as well as exceptional service delivery and customer response times. KB’s strong creation and adherence to internal processes and procedures allow for employees to go above and beyond.

KB’s dedication to differentiating our internal culture allows us to provide an unprecedented level of service externally to our customers. Trust Us, It’s Clean.

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Mission: To Serve Others Exceptionally Well

Vision: To Create Peace of Mind in Our Partner’s Lives

Values: KB Building Services strives to live by core values because we know how each one affects your life.

  • Consistent: You spend approximately 2,080 hours a year in your office. You work on a schedule; you need consistency to maintain a balanced work and home life.
  • Dependable: You have a job to do. You rely on us to do the cleaning and to do it right. You should not have to worry about anything going wrong in your facility. It is not always our fault, but it is our problem.
  • Proactive Communication: You cannot plan for an unexpected situation. The best line of defense is being proactive in stopping a bad situation from getting worse. You are not always there to witness the potential disaster, but our team knows the easiest and most important thing we can do is report any situation before it becomes a disaster.
  • Do What You Say: At the end of the day, the one thing you want is a partner that does what they say they will do. Nothing is more frustrating than being over-promised and under-delivered.

KB Academy

The KB Academy is our initial training program that all team members, including the office team, must complete. Through extensive curriculum, onboarding team members learn everything needed to know about KB’s services, products, policies and procedures and culture. Below are some important pieces of KBA.

As a core value driven company, it is important that our entire team aligns with our mission, vision and values (MVV). During KBA, team members are taught about each piece of our MVV. It is imperative they understand how to align MVV with their daily work to ensure we provide our Partners with exceptional service.

Policies and Procedures
Even though our field team members do not have direct contact with our partners, it is important they understand our internal policies such as attendance, expectations, properly punching in and out and their role in their facility. We also make it a point to teach them how the business puzzle fits together and what happens when a piece is missing.

In our line of business there are many situations that arise that could result in an accident. It is our job as an office team to ensure our team members in the field are set up for success. One way we do this is by teaching them various safety precautions such as accident prevention, blood borne pathogens, and slips, trips and falls.

Depending upon customer expectations, our team members utilize various pieces of equipment. We teach them how to properly use, clean and maintain all equipment they will regularly use in their facility.

Chemicals are necessary in order to properly clean and maintain a building. Chemicals can range from environmentally friendly to hazardous. We train our team members how to properly dilute chemicals, acceptable uses for each chemical, the potential dangers associated with each chemical and how to handle an emergency situation involving chemicals.

Cleaning Process
KB follows Diversey’s healthy high performance cleaning (HHPC) process. This process is standardized throughout our entire company, which ensures all of our team members have streamlined expectations no matter which facility they are working in. We also keep information on facility-specific items that are taught to each individual crew.

Final Evaluation
In order to graduate from New Hire KBA, each employee is required to successfully complete a written exam and hands-on testing. This ensures they understand expectations and are prepared to complete all cleaning duties up to KB standards.

Additional Requirements
KB also has a few requirements that potential employees must meet/adhere to in order to be a part of the KB team. If working during the day, the employee is required to speak English fluently because they interact with our partner’s. KB also E-Verify’s every employee, so each employee must pass E-Verify in order to be employed by KB Building Services. E-Verifying employees is uncommon in the janitorial industry, but KB views this as a necessary process. We must trust our employees to be in buildings, sometimes alone, and trust begins with ensuring you are who you say you are.

Team Development

In order to live our mission and vision, KB Building Services believes development further than basic training is important. As a growing company, we have a continuous thirst for learning that we want to pass to our team. We give both field and office team members opportunities to grow in their positions.

Day Maker Training
KB provides specialized training in servicing facilities during normal business hours. This includes lobbies, commons areas, restroom touch ups and direct communication with our partners.

Building Lead Training
This specialized training provides team members in the field with techniques and processes on supervision and leadership of crew members in assigned facility.

Hard Floor Maintenance & Carpet Training
Our hard floor and carpet teams receive specialized training by experts in carpet cleaning and hard floor maintenance.  This technical training teaches best practices in maintenance of multiple types of flooring surfaces.

Safety Committee
The safety committee meets on a monthly basis and any interested KB team member can be a part of the group. Being a part of the committee gives each team member an opportunity to receive specialized training on many safety topics outside of the KBA training. The safety committee also discusses ways to update and improve the safety plans and practices at KB.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes
In order to become a Day Maker or Building Lead team members must be fluent in at least Command English. By giving our Spanish speaking team members the opportunity to learn English we are inspiring them to advance in their career path. Any team member that has a desire to learn English can enroll in the class.

Learning Events and Seminars
Any team member is encouraged to attend learning events or seminars that interest them. Internal events, such as leadership lunch and learns, are offered on a quarterly basis. Any external seminars, such as classes offered by our vendors, can also be attended.

Field Supervisor Training
This specialized training is to learn and improve management and leadership skills when working with 50+ employees on a nightly basis.

Personal & Business Coaching
Personal growth is important to create a more meaningful career. Many office team members are given the opportunity to attend coaching in order to learn ways to better themselves, whether it be personal, career or leadership.

Team Relationship Coaching
Some positions require close working relationships with other team members. In order to prepare our team members for successful relationships, we offer team coaching. This experience allows the team members to work together outside of the office with a professional to learn about each other and ways to work best as a team.

Annual Leadership Summit
Each year, the executive management team members take a trip outside of Nebraska to meet with a hired facilitator to develop a strategic plan for the upcoming year. The annual strategic plan is broken into top five priorities that become the focus for office team members that year.

Office Team

  • DJ Rezac

    DJ Rezac

    In the name of all things distracting, DJ is shiny, sparkly, glittery SQUIRREL! As the owner of KB Building Services, DJ is everything except traditional. In his philosophical ways, DJ empowers all of his employees to make things happen. He provides ideas and input and lets everyone else do their thing. When asked to describe his responsibilities, DJ said, “Get out of the way of super star, core-valued, KB rockstars!” In DJ’s 20 years at KB, he has revolutionized the culture and hand-selected a great team.

    DJ’s favorite part of his job is simply leading focused people that care a lot about the team. He also enjoys the high school summer baseball league that KB sponsors and the annual strategic planning trip to Vegas. DJ’s best memory at KB is ‘the grave’. The grave sits in front of the KB office. There are no physical bodies in the grave, just old friends that weren’t cut out for the KB culture.

    Prior to KB, DJ was in the “pizza and beer” business. DJ is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication. On the home front, DJ married his high school sweetheart, Lisa. Together they have two sets of twins, and one spitfire of a seven year old – Vince. That is one girl and four boys for a grand total of five mini DJs.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:
    DJ likes to describe himself as funny, charming and incredibly witty. He also prides himself on his high school baseball records.

    Zodiac Personality Check:
    DJ is a Sagittarius. It is no surprise that a Sagittarius must channel their energy or else they will try to go many directions at once. DJ has a lot of spontaneous thoughts and ideas. He is also described as philosophical, theoretical, inspirational and in love with ideas. He works best at seeing the big picture and leading the way.

    Words of Wisdom:
    “None of my best stories ever start out with ‘The night I stayed home and studied…”

  • Channing Johnson

    Channing Johnson

    Channing is officially our President, but we like to think of her as the Commander in Chief. She is the glue that holds KB together and keeps things flowing. Channing oversees all things KB and spends a lot of her time outside of the office building relationships with our partners. Before coming to KB, Channing spent six years at the Omni Hotels reservation center. She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, concentration in Management, from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in May 2009. She joined KB right out of college and has been part of the KB team for twelve years.

    Throughout Channing’s time at KB she has implemented many changes. She created a new organizational chart and built the amazing company culture to what it is now. Channing enjoys working with excellent team members and building relationships. She also loves KB’s ability to grow and “play big”. Her favorite part of KB is the company culture and the world class customer service we provide. Channing is also a graduate of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Omaha program, Class 38, best AND most newsworthy class ever, as well as very active in Girls, Inc. of Omaha.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    The name Channing actually comes from a soap opera. Aside from being a famous daytime television star, Channing is a spelling bee champion; that is she can spot a spelling error a mile away. In contrast, she will never get a license for riding a bicycle.

    Zodiac Personality Check:

    Channing was born a Capricorn. It comes as no surprise to see her described as: serious, determined, disciplined and focused. As a Capricorn, she loves to maintain stability and order, and is organized with a step-by-step plan for achieving all goals. Naturally, she is a businesswoman and strives to create a “perfect” society.

    Words of Wisdom:

    “Enjoy the little things for someday you will realize they were the big things.”

  • Pete Burger
    Operations Manager

    Pete Burger
    Operations Manager

    Pete joined the KB team in May 2021 as our Operations Manager. He comes to KB having spent most of his adult life working in supervisory roles at Cintas, Corp. Pete oversees our KB executive team, runs the day to day operations in janitorial, carpet cleaning & hard floor maintenance and works directly with our KB customers ensuring long term partnerships.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    Pete is a nerd at heart. Even though he dominated the football field in both high school and college, at his core, he loves anything Star Wars or superhero related. Fingers crossed his wife and two kiddos – PJ and Everly – at least appreciate one of the two!

    Zodiac Personality Check:

    When meeting Pete, his height is the first thing that strikes you. The second thing is his overall kindness and generosity, so it comes as no surprise that Pete is a Pisces. Pete is a highly responsible person with a team-player mentality. He works alongside each of his employees to help them learn, grow and accomplish great successes. His selflessness is one of his Pisces traits that make him a great leader at KB.

    Words of Wisdom:

    “Success is never owned – it’s rented & the rent is due everyday.”

  • Autumn Aguilar
    Employee Experience Manager

    Autumn Aguilar
    Employee Experience Manager

    Autumn’s outgoing nature and positive attitude certainly make her a great asset to the Employee Relations department. In 2021, Autumn was promoted to Employee Experience Manager, which means she handles employee recruitment, field employee hiring, placing new hires in positions, and monitoring field employee retention. In addition to those duties, she also works directly with the Employee Concierge, First Impressionist & Facilities Supervisor on clerical items, so it should be no surprise that her high level of motivation is a necessity! KB is proud of how Autumn has excelled past what was ever imagined by taking on more and more responsibilities.

    She worked at Selectel in the outbound call center before being welcomed to KB in September of 2015. In fact, Autumn says her favorite thing about KB is how everyone is always welcoming.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    Coordination is a talent Autumn honed at an early age. In her childhood, she visited Skateland every weekend!

    Zodiac Personality Check?:

    Scorpio legend says what is most important to someone born on November 20 is family or those they love. That makes for two very lucky children (Autumn’s, of course) named Jose and Brian.

    Words of Wisdom:

    “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”

  • Randi Wilson
    Customer Concierge

    Randi Wilson
    Customer Concierge

    In late 2018, we were lucky enough to welcome Randi to the KB team. Randi comes to us from the massage therapy industry, having spent her entire career thus far helping people. She is a compassionate and fun loving person who loves being part of a team that motivates each other to make every day a great one. Randi joins KB as a Customer Concierge, where she will focus on building relationships with our partners and completing quality control walkthroughs at KB serviced facilities.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    Back in her youth, Randi didn’t exactly do a great job holding herself accountable. Her mother always tells the story about how at age 3, she frequently fell while walking and immediately would place blame on her dad for pushing her, even though her dad was nowhere near her. To this day, she has no clue why she did that, but we can definitely say she is much better at taking accountability for her own actions in her adult life!

    Zodiac Personality Check:

    If asked, we would describe Randi as organized, self-motivated and resilient, so it came as no surprise to us that Randi is a Virgo. She is a multi-tasker that is very kind and hardworking. She pays attention to even the smallest of details and has a very big heart, which makes her a great fit for working with others.

    Words of Wisdom:

    “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

  • Meghan Owens
    Customer Concierge

    Meghan Owens
    Customer Concierge

    Meghan joins our team with an extensive background in customer service in the hospitality industry. As the Customer Concierge at KB, she will focus on building relationships with our partners and completing quality assurance walkthroughs at the facilities that we service. Meghan comes to us from Chicago, having just recently moved back to her home state of Nebraska. She is very close to her family and also appreciates the family feel we have at KB.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    Even though we have only known Meghan for a short time, we have come to love her somewhat shy, but fun and outgoing demeanor. We hysterically laughed at the story about her senior prom. Her date physically picked her up like a husband would carry their new wife “over the threshold” for the first time, and her dress ripped all the way from her knee to her middle back. We can picture Meghan being slightly embarrassed, but can also hear her adorable loud chuckle making light of the situation.

    Zodiac Personality Check:

    Meghan is an Aries. She is highly responsible and empathetic toward others. Her friends and family will always be the most important to her and she is highly prepared for anything to happen.  She focuses on seeing the bright side, no matter what is going on in her personal or work life.

    Words of Wisdom:

    “Live in the here & now”

  • Henrietta Bahnsen-Morse
    Finance Coordinator; Founder

    Henrietta Bahnsen-Morse
    Finance Coordinator; Founder

    Henrietta, we like to call her Hen, is a resident prodigy. Not only is Hen one of the KB founders, she celebrated 30 years of serving others exceptionally well in 2014! As the Finance Coordinator, Hen takes care of payroll and all other financial functions. Before founding KB, Hen was an aerobics instructor and saleswoman. She is married and has one son, Tyler.

    Being with a company as long as Hen has means she has experienced a lot and in her case that means EVERYTHING! Hen’s favorite thing about KB is being able to watch, grow, and experience so many changes over the years. In the office, Hen loves how the team helps each other out and religiously follows the core values: consistent, dependable, proactive communication and do what you say. One of the funniest memories Hen has at KB is when she fell into a construction hole at night and had no idea how to get out of it.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    Outside of her KB duties, Hen takes a yearly motorcycle trip. Oh, and did we mention the ‘B’ in KB comes from Hen’s last name? Talk about being part of the KB team! We would only be ‘K’ without her.

    Zodiac Personality Check:

    Hen is a Scorpio. This means she is bold, determined, and has unshakable focus. She is capable of taking on big projects with control and confidence and she can surpass any obstacle that comes her way!

    Words of Wisdom:

    “It takes years to build up trust, but only seconds to destroy it.”

  • Gabriela Rodriguez
    Executive Assistant

    Gabriela Rodriguez
    Executive Assistant

    Gabriela, or Gaby as we refer to her, joined the KB team in mid 2019. Her strong skills in organization, planning, multi-tasking and consistency make her a rockstar in her role. Gaby assists Channing and the executive team on day to day tasks, as well as larger projects that allow us to serve our employees and partners exceptionally well.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    Gaby may look tiny, but she is a powerhouse. She is a single mom of two to Emily and Nicholas, works full time at KB, takes college courses toward her Bachelor’s degree and somehow finds time to play soccer with her friends.

    Zodiac Personality Check:

    Gaby is a Taurus. This means that she is reliable, patient, practical and responsible. She is devoted to things that she is passionate about and is also very dedicated to ensuring each of her tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.

    Words of Wisdom:

    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

  • Ana Dominguez
    Employee Concierge

    Ana Dominguez
    Employee Concierge

    Ana joined the KB team in 2019 working as a next level leader in the field. In 2020, Ana was promoted to the First Impressionist role at the KB office & she is now our Employee Concierge. Her KB knowledge, kind heart and love of routine make her a great fit for this role. She is the first person to greet any visitors to the KB Office and the first person to talk to employees that call our office. She is shy at first, but then is very talkative when she feels comfortable with you. She also oversees employee timekeeping and employee time off.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    Ana’s favorite childhood memory is a trip to DisneyWorld that she took with her mom, who also works at KB. She remembers getting her first princess dress on that trip, which was surprising to all of us at KB, as Ana doesn’t seem overly girly!

    Zodiac Personality Check:

    It is of no surprise that Ana is a Virgo. She fits this Zodiac personality to a t – highly organized, intelligent and hardworking. Ana is the first person to help someone out and will be the last to leave if necessary. She is a team player and very driven to succeed.

    Words of Wisdom:

    “Everything happens for a reason.”

  • Anahy Dominguez
    Facilities Supervisor

    Anahy Dominguez
    Facilities Supervisor

    Anahy has a long history of cleaning, having owned her own business cleaning residential homes for many years.  She joins the KB Office team as our Facilities Supervisor. Her daily duties include managing the processes for our cleaning chemicals, cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment, as well as overseeing the day makers that work in our KB serviced facilities.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    Anahy is the mother of one of our rockstar KB employees. Anahy learned of the Facilities Supervisor job from her daughter and we couldn’t be more grateful. She is a great addition to our office team.

    Zodiac Personality Check:

    Anahy is a Capricorn which is of zero surprise to those that work alongside her each day. She is very hard working and always busy. She is constantly marking things off her to do list and works tirelessly to make sure every building has what they need to do their job well.

    Words of Wisdom:

    “Everything happens for a reason.”

  • Saul Pineda-Rodriguez
    Lead Field Supervisor

    Saul Pineda-Rodriguez
    Lead Field Supervisor

    Saul is one of the most level headed and positive people to walk the halls of KB Building Services.  He has grown immensely over his last 15 years at KB – having knowledge in carpet cleaning, hard floor maintenance, janitorial and overall management of people.  Saul oversees our night operations team, leading all of our field supervisors, as well as countless campus supervisors and building leads.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    People say patience is a virtue, and we are positive that if we searched patience in the dictionary, Saul’s face would be staring directly back at us. Saul is the best at teaching and showing employees how it is done, and the first to jump into the trenches to help others and solve problems.

    Zodiac Personality Check:

    Saul is a considerate and intelligent person that can be very diplomatic when dealing with employees.  He is a great listener and can charm people with his caring and sociable attitude.  Not surprisingly, his wife and two adult children also agree with his Libra traits.

    Words of Wisdom:

    “Be strong & never give up!”

  • Amanda Palacios
    Field Account Supervisor

    Amanda Palacios
    Field Account Supervisor

    Amanda joined KB as a construction team member in 2021. Due to her excellent work ethic and strong supervisory skills, she was promoted and is now officially a member of the KB office team. Amanda serves as our Field Account Supervisor. Her role is to oversee the day makers that work in KB serviced facilities, as well as manage all of our ongoing and final construction clean ups.

    Who Would’ve Thought?:

    A strong personality is one of the first things people say to describe Amanda, and that couldn’t be more accurate.  She is easy to get along with, but definitely knows what she likes – and doesn’t like – such as a messy anything!  She is overly neat by nature, so hearing her talk about her strong willed childhood of going camping and only wanting to constantly shower was zero surprise to any of us!

    Zodiac Personality Check:

    Amanda being born a Leo is very much on “brand” for her. She is textbook Leo!  She is loyal, confident and warmhearted. She is a natural born leader with a go getter mentality. She has a great sense of humor and knows how to have fun, but takes her job very seriously and is passionate about her success.

    Words of Wisdom:

    “Big and beautiful – say it proud.”

Value of Clean

At KB Building Services, we recognize the value a clean facility can bring to its environment, employees and overall productivity. Cleaning is an investment in human health, as well as an improved bottom line. It is always our goal to be a great partner in ensuring your facilities are up kept and presented as an extension of your company. A clean facility is more valuable to your business than you may actually realize.


“Congratulations. Your company has gone beyond a janitorial company. They are a partnering company with those they service; taking service to a new level.”
–Joe Mollner, BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska

“KB has always come through when I needed them to and I am glad you are an Alegent partner. I’m so glad you and your company’s hard work and dedication to strive for excellence has paid off. This accreditation will not only serve as a great asset to me as a Facilities Manager when choosing and recommending KB, but as well as KB goes forward into the future this award will stand you apart from the rest.”
–Bob Flint, Alegent Creighton Health

“The reason we hire KB is because we are confident that KB will take care of any items in a timely manner.”
–Suzanne Bortizki, IRET

“Honesty and integrity, this is what sets your firm apart.”
–Shannon Yates, Colliers International

“KB has been the finest janitorial service we have had in my 22 years at InfoGroup.”
–Scott Workman, InfoGroup

Trust Us, It’s Clean.

This certification recognizes KB as in the top 1% of the 70,000+ janitorial companies in the country, and the only janitorial company in Nebraska with the certification.