In a previous blog I talked about trust, but verify. I discussed that I needed to trust my workforce in order to empower them to make decisions. I trust you guys loved that blog! So here is what I want to talk about this month. The two way street of that trust. The employees here at KB have to trust the management too. It is essential if anything of significance is going to get accomplished.

Here is my plug for our Partner Pride “Lunch and Learn” on September 23rd, 2015 @ the Aspen Room. (Just a few more seats available!!—call to reserve your spot!) We are having our “Lunch and Learn” about coaching and trust. Bob Greco, the 2014 National High School Coach of the Year for KB Building Services (Omaha Westside) Legion baseball and Scott Anderson, CEO of Doubledare and business coach to the KB Building Services executive team will headline an hour long lunch and learn about how to build trust in teams. Greco has won 13 state championships in high school baseball and has 2 American Legion World Series appearances – finishing 3rd place in 2014! Anderson has published two books – Playing Big and Leading Workforce 7.0!

Trust us, it’s clean is what we tell our partners. Trust us, we will find out what happened. Trust us, we will get this corrected. Trust us, we care about your business. That is really what we are trying to say. We know that if we trust our employees, then they have to trust us that we really do have their best interests at heart. We need them to know that we care about them as people not just COGS as part of a process. The coaching and cheerleading part doesn’t work if the employee doesn’t trust us. I coach a lot of my kids youth athletic teams. The more successful teams are the ones that can build that trusting relationship with their coach (or boss if it was at work). Coaching people is a delicate balance, but I find that the more they trust you, the less perfect you have to be. We would love to have you join us at the Aspen Room on September 23rd and learn about how to build that trust in your teams. Trust me – we have two experts speaking about it.