Construction Clean Ups

Most people know about KB Building Services because of the exceptional daily janitorial services that we provide to both Class A office buildings and healthcare facilities. Since that has always been the main point of discussion, people are sometimes not aware of other services we provide – one being ongoing construction cleaning and the other being final construction clean ups.

KB partners with property managers, facility managers and multiple construction companies in the NE, IA & MO areas to provide these services in the event of a new build or a remodel. Ongoing meaning that we staff a team of laborers to upkeep construction sites as the construction is being completed, helping with trash pick up and day to day duties. Final construction clean ups meaning we send in a specialized team to hand wipe everything, top to bottom, post construction prior to a company/tenant moving into the space.

In a lot of instances, construction clean budgets get cut toward the end of a project due to the rising costs of material and labor just to get the construction done, and we understand that. However, in our experience, not having the best partner for that final clean typically results in a poor job, and then a customer paying a second time for the clean to be done correctly.  We have seen this time and time again over the years.

That being said, construction clean’s can be tricky with the timing of everything – various subcontractors, supply chain hurdles, etc. – so KB puts a focus on partnering with the general contractor on the project to be flexible and in front of the ever evolving schedule of completion. Our goal is to make it is as simple as possible for the end user, and to always have the end user walk into a fully clean building/area that they can operate out of immediately. We would love to partner with you on any upcoming remodel or new construction projects you have. Please contact Pete Burger @ for more information.