Saving the Day with the Department of Homeland Security

Government buildings tend to be dirty places because they help a lot of people, and daily traffic from a lot of people adds up to a large mess. With the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), it took almost failing to put a plan in place that resulted in a consistently clean building and satisfied partner.

Like a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle, DHS has so many rules governing its work that cleaning its building presents a unique challenge. In the end, success for DHS came down to trusting KB Building Services with the cleaning schedule and staff allowance we knew was necessary. After initial pushback resulted in consistently grimy floors and dirty bathrooms that never looked clean, DHS was ready to make a switch to a new cleaning provider.

Knowing the problem would only continue, KB Building Services took a risk. We offered to clean DHS for one month on our schedule with an extra team member at no charge. Within one month, complaints turned to compliments and the facility manager went from monitoring us to trusting us to get the job done right.

Now, DHS and everyone who visits the facility knows that when KB says ‘trust us, it’s clean’ we mean it.