Feminine hygiene products are not really “cool” to talk about. That being said, in property and facility management, it is something we have to deal with on a daily basis, and it is something the majority of us do spend money on.

In the past/at the current moment, the standard practice is to have a stainless steel receptacle in each stall in the women’s restrooms. This receptacle houses a kraft waxed liner bag that is then changed out each night by the janitorial night team members. A few items to consider here:

  • Who wants to actually touch the stainless steel receptacle with their bare hand to open & close it?
  • What janitorial team member wants to touch the used liner bags to dispose of them?

Introducing the new Scensibles collection with Hospeco. The Scensibles collection offers new receptacles that have coordinating liner bags in them for people to put their used feminine hygiene products in. If you don’t want to purchase all new receptacles, you can simply add a personal disposal bag dispenser to each stall to be used in the same way. The disposal bags would be refilled on a nightly basis by the night janitorial team and purchased with all of your other paper supplies.

Furthermore, the Scensibles collection also offers SecureFit360 poly liner bags to use in lieu of the kraft waxed liner bags. These new bags fit securely in the stainless steel receptacles and also have a handle on them to be switched out in a much more sanitary way. This also is an easy adjustment to your paper supply order.

As a great partner, we want to help you and your company create a much healthier, clean & sanitary environment in the women’s restrooms. The way to do that is to incorporate the Scensibles collection by Hospeco. Please contact Channing Johnson @ 402.330.8243 or for additional information and pricing.