Taking Initiative with the Omaha World Herald

The fifteenth floor of the Omaha World Herald’s historic 13 street building is a gem worth preserving. One night, while cleaning the floor’s plush carpets, a KB Building Services team member noticed a bulging ceiling tile threatening to break loose. Fearing a damaging flood of water, the team member quickly grabbed a dumpster and positioned it beneath the bulge.

We followed up our initiative with proactive communication by contacting the facility manager to inform him of our team member’s actions and to determine other ways we could be of immediate assistance.

Sometime during the night the water behind the bulging tile broke through with the dumpster right there to catch it. When executives arrived in the morning to the sight of a flooded dumpster in the middle of their pristine floor, they quickly received an explanation from their property manager as to how the thoughtful actions of their cleaning provider prevented something much worse from occurring.

No one wants a janitorial company that waits for approval to turn off the water before it floods the lobby. No one wants a partner who makes excuses or says ‘it wasn’t my fault.’ The Omaha World Herald building provides just one example of how KB Building Services takes initiative with our actions, is proactive with our communication and lives out our values with every partner’s property we are privileged to protect.