Trust is a Two-Way Street with TDA

In business, as in life, both parties have to trust each other for satisfaction to thrive. When you buy a new car, you trust the dealer to deliver a pristine vehicle. Imagine how you’d feel if your new car was stained, sticky, and smelly. You’d probably demand that it be cleaned before driving it off the lot.

It’s not so different when a tenant moves into a brand new building. Employees arrive expecting shiny desks, clean floors, and sparkling bathrooms. Months of construction leave new buildings stained, sticky, and smelly. Final cleans prevent this bitter experience, but all too often they are bypassed in the rush to finish construction on time. Such was the case with TD Ameritrade as it prepared to open its new headquarters.

At the midnight hour, when all hope for a final clean appeared abandoned, TD Ameritrade called KB Building Services and asked us to prepare their building for employees. We not only made the building sparkle, we orchestrated a master cleaning schedule that took into account ongoing construction, employee move-ins, and daily cleaning needs. This was possible because TD Ameritrade trusted us to have access to their schedule so that we could coordinate cleaning needs and we trusted them to let us do our job. While they worried about names on desks, we made sure trash cans were empty and bathroom counters were free of sawdust.

TD Ameritrade was thankful for a trusted partner who not only thought ahead about all the cleaning needs, but cared enough and was organized enough to pull off a phased implementation of day to day janitorial while completing a stellar final clean.