Team Development

In order to live our mission and vision, KB Building Services believes development further than basic training is important. As a growing company, we have a continuous thirst for learning that we want to pass to our team. We give both field and office team members opportunities to grow in their positions.


Day Maker Training

KB provides specialized training in servicing facilities during normal business hours. This includes lobbies, commons areas, restroom touch ups and direct communication with our partners.


Building Lead Training

This specialized training provides team members in the field with techniques and processes on supervision and leadership of crew members in assigned facility.


Hard Floor Maintenance & Carpet Training

Our hard floor and carpet teams receive specialized training by experts in carpet cleaning and hard floor maintenance.This technical training teaches best practices in maintenance of multiple types of flooring surfaces.


Safety Committee

The safety committee meets on a monthly basis and any interested KB team member can be a part of the group. Being a part of the committee gives each team member an opportunity to receive specialized training on many safety topics outside of the KBA training. The safety committee also discusses ways to update and improve the safety plans and practices at KB.


English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

In order to become a Day Maker or Building Lead team members must be fluent in English. By giving our Spanish speaking team members the opportunity to learn English we are inspiring them to advance in their career path. Any team member that has a desire to learn English can enroll in the class.


Learning Events and Seminars

Any team member is encouraged to attend learning events or seminars that interest them. Internal events, such as leadership lunch and learns, are offered on a quarterly basis. Any external seminars, such as classes offered by our vendors, can also be attended.


Field Supervisor Training

This specialized training is to learn and improve management and leadership skills when working with 50+ employees on a nightly basis.



Personal growth is important to create a more meaningful career. All office team members are given the opportunity to attend coaching in order to learn ways to better themselves, whether it be personal, career or leadership.


Team Relationship Coaching

Some positions require close working relationships with other team members. In order to prepare our team members for successful relationships, we offer team coaching. This experience allows the team members to work together outside of the office with a professional to learn about each other and ways to work best as a team.


Annual Leadership Summit

Each year, the executive management team members take a trip to Las Vegas to meet with a hired facilitator to develop a strategic plan for the upcoming year. The annual strategic plan is broken into top five priorities that become the focus for office team members that year.